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About us

The Polish Students’ Association (Polish: Zrzeszenie Studentów Polskich, or ZSP) is the country’s biggest student society holding the status of a public benefit organization. Our Association has been established in 1950 and its members are participants in Poland’s biggest academic environments. We are also a member of the Polish Council of Youth Organizations (Polish: Polska Rada Organizacji Młodzieżowych).

The main goal of our organization is to provide the support and assistance to the academic environment, including:

  • inspiring the academic environment’s active participation in the public sphere
  • cooperating to solve the problems of the academic and youth environments
  • collaborating with the appropriate national, local government and union authorities including profiling, educating and the adequate employment of university graduates
  • implementing a career counseling program in high schools and adaptation programs for high school graduates
  • developing positive attitudes towards physical education
  • supporting and initiating acts beneficial for the natural environment

The activities of ZSP cover many fields: we represent the educational environment and protect its rights, provide legal advice to students, nurture academic culture, sports and tourism as well as manage student clubs. Through uniting, we want to collectively protect the rights and interests of the academic environment – the unlimited access to higher education, financial assistance for students and universal healthcare. Our desire is to develop active attitudes and create the opportunities for creativity and self-realization for students.

Our main projects include:

FAMA – the debuting arena of most of today’s biggest names in the Polish entertainment industry. FAMA consists of 2 weeks of workshops under the guidance of professionals, concerts, happenings, comedy acts and open-air events, all crowned by a final event.

Primus Inter Pares – the contest to determine Poland’s best student. The grading criteria involves efforts and results in education as well as civic activities outside of the university.

Chata Żaka – an “estate” agency for students, the goal of which is to find accommodation for students in academic towns





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